Documenting Our Time with Cartoons

Art Research

“Documenting Our Times with Cartoons” project focused on the current development of documentary/non-fiction cartoons, including but not limited to editorial cartoons, caricatures, graphic novel and non-fiction comic magazines. During the seven-month journey, Yunjie visited more than twenty artists, publishers, scholars, researchers and related organizations in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and the Middle East. In addition to participating in the professionals’ lives and conducting interviews, she also visited independent cartoon festivals and attended the annual editorial carton convention. She continued writing feature stories about this research journey.


Arts Research

  • United Kingdom, France, Italy, Poland, Israel, Palestine, Cyprus, The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Egypt, United States, Nicaragua, Malaysia, Canada
  • 2018


  • National Culture and Arts Foundation, TW
  • The Overseas Arts Travel Project
  • 2018