From Now On


Introduction of the exhibition “From Now On”:
Taipei Artist Village 2021 Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity Residency Programme aim to discuss social issues including but not limited to racial equity, sexual equity, disability, elder welfare, and immigration in the art field. From the perspectives of seven Taiwanese artists and four serial exhibitions, the audience is able to see the diversity of Taiwan society and the connection between art and local culture.
Artist Liao Yun-Jie and KO Yu-Hsiu are invited to the From Now On -2021 Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity Residency Programme Residency Artist Exhibition Season 4. Through the form of text, video, object, and visual art, Yun-Jie and Yu-Hsiu try to illustrate social dissonance and various perspectives. The concept of From Now On is come from the fairy tales which always end with “Happily forever after.” Similar to non-fictional and fictional narratives constructed under reality, fairy tales as a form to reflect the structural problems of a time and an image of utopia, also face criticisms with the development of the age. The happy ending is ideal for a fairy tale. To some extent, cultural diversity and inclusivity are ideal for society. The fourth exhibition of the 2021 Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity Residency Programme questions the image of utopia. What is cultural diversity and inclusivity? Where is the end of it?
Introduction of Yunjie Liao’s works “ The State of Fluidity” and “Sleeping and Awake”:
The images of the state of fluidity are not only local, but also global. The space called home may be a station, a port, a street, a park, in a car, in the house of others, by a river or in a mountain, or even couches all over the world. But apart from the sleeping patterns and the continuously carried luggages, the diverse appearances of the people in the state of fluidity are no different from those of people with fixed residences. Due to the collective diaspora, forced evictions, capitalization, or the individual lackness of the limited options for lifestyles, “home” has become a state of fluidity, and the current possession of home does not guarantee its forever existence; humans’ desire for a shelter comes from both the pursuit and the escape.
Through this residency program, Yunjie Liao continued to track and listen to the state of fluidity, her long-term attention. The people in the state of fluidity, including her, shared their items in the luggage with each other, and exchange each other’s life stories “on the road”. In the process of picking up, sharing, and exchanging, people in the state of fluidity with different backgrounds and social-economical status spread out their inalienable memories, current passion, or anticipation for the next journey. In the exhibition, every object and its corresponding story in “The State of Fluidity” marks the original sentence written or narrated by people in the state of fluidity, and a trace of their life choice. “Sleeping and Awake” features The Sound of Home, The Shape of Home, The Light of Home, The Broken Landscape and The Handbook of Mutual Assistance in the State of Fluidity. It aims to imagine the possibilities in Taipei City under the transnational state of fluidity, and to explore the core meaning of home, the similarity of lives between that of ourselves and that of others, and the possibility or incompetence of mutual understanding.
台北國際藝術村「2021 文化平權駐村計畫」四檔系列展覽,梳理了七位台灣本地藝術家的創作脈絡,探討當「文化平權」的議題從社會街頭進入藝術場域中,藝術家如何呼應當代社會以及理解台灣社會的多元性。
透過本次駐村,廖芸婕持續追蹤、聆聽其長年關注之流動狀態。流動者們(包含她)與彼此分享行囊裡的物事,並交換彼此「在路上」的生命故事。在撿拾、分享與交換的過程裡,不同背景、社經地位的流動者攤開其無法割捨的記憶、當下的熱愛或對下一趟旅途的期盼。展場中「流動狀態」裡每份交換、分享過的物件與其對應之故事,都是流動者親自書寫或述說的原句,與一段段人生選擇的痕跡。「睡 · 醒之間」的作品──家之音、家之形、家之光、破碎的山水線與流動者互助指南──,將叩問台北這座城市在跨國流動脈絡下的更多可能,探究家的意義、他者與自身之相似性,及真正相互理解的可能或無能。


  • Taipei Artist Village, TW
  • 9 April 2021 - 6 June 2021


  • Taipei Artist Village, TW
  • Barry Room
  • 20 August 2021 - 19 September 2021


  • Taipei Artist Village
  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity Residency Programme
  • 2021