Razam! Belarusian arts in solidarity


“Razam!” (Belarusian, meaning “together”) was a gathering and experimentation before the Lunar New Year in Taiwan. Regardless of the global pandemic, Belarusian citizens’ peaceful demonstration from summer 2020 continued. Through physical gatherings, the sharing of Belarusians, the participation of Taiwanese artists with their works, Taiwan was one of the few countries in Asia that showed grass-roots solidarity on the International Day with Belarus. The event reminded a friendship in the global community. It also examined the similarity of the processes of the Belarusian and Taiwanese civil disobedience, social movements and identity debates, as well as the respective uniqueness of both countries.

「Razam!」(白羅斯語,意為「一起」)是年節前的一場集結與實驗。全球新冠疫情肆虐下,白羅斯人民自2020年夏季起延續數月的和平抗爭仍未止歇。臺灣是亞洲少數在 International Solidary Day with Belarus 發出草根聲援的國家,透過實體聚會、在臺白羅斯人的分享、臺灣創作者的藝術行動與交流,串聯一萬公里外的友誼,並同時檢視臺灣及白羅斯在公民抗命、社會運動、身份認同進程中,彼此的相似性與各自的殊異性。

Social Event

  • 流民棧, New Taipei City, TW
  • 2021

Special Thanks To

  • Анастасія Курленя, Арцём Суботка, 朱筱琪, 段惠民, 謝文麒, 林彥廷