Together- Voices Across Borders


Do you remember the last time you were forced to migrate or stay? When did the pandemic start to affect our relations and interactions? In order to find another possibility, people have embarked on the routes of migration to seek a place where they are no longer just passing by. However, within the turbulence of drift, freedom is not always guaranteed. The physical and online exhibition of “Together- Voices Across Borders” opened on World Refugee Day and displayed the first-hand stories of forced migrants narrated by reporters from Taiwan and the UK. The multimedia materials presented voices from Syria, Venezuela, Gaza, Rohingya and various corners across the world, showing diverse images of daily life under the global pandemic time. Through interactive installations such as “Keywords for Escape”, “Spacetime Envelope”, “Montage Futurama” and workshops “Find a Way with Refugees”, the exhibition invited everyone from different backgrounds and towards different destinations to reflect on the distance between “us” and “them,” questioning how each others’ life may be overlapped, intersected, and connected more than we thought.


Exhibition, Interactive Installation, Workshop

  • Minim Photographic Studio+Gallery, Taipei, TW
  • 2020
  • * In response to World Refugee Day
  • * Collaboratively promoted with Refugee Week in The United Kingdom
  • Curators:
  • 陳映妤 Yingyu Alicia Chen
  • 朱筱琪 Hsiao-Chi Chu
  • 廖芸婕 Yunjie Liao